Windsor Lake

Windsor LakeTake a walk around the Windsor Lake Trail which surrounds the perimeter of the lake. The trail is 2.25 miles around.

Recreation Opportunities

During a typical season, Windsor Lake offers many opportunities for recreation activities including:

E.coli Water Samples

The following chart reflects the results from Colorado State University Environmental Quality Laboratory from samples collected at Windsor Lake.

The standard is for the Total E.coli count to be below 235 per 100 milliliter (mL).

Date takenTotal E.coli countTotal Fecal Coliform
August 8, 2023100 per 100 mL100 per 100 mL
August 1, 20232 per 100 mL6 per 100 mL
July 25, 202317 per 100 mL24 per 100 mL
July 19, 20231 per 100 mL1 per 100 mL
July 11, 20235 per 100 mL6 per 100 mL
July 6, 2023110 per 100 mL120 per 100 mL
June 29, 20233 per 100 mL3 per 100 mL
June 21, 202320 per 100 mL20 per 100 mL
June 8, 202320 per 100 mL20 per 100 mL
May 24, 20232 per 100 mL2 per 100 mL

Safety Guidelines & Rules

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times except at the Windsor Lake Dog Park located on the north side of Windsor Lake.
  • Swimming is permitted only within the designated Swim Beach Area marked by ropes and buoys.
  • Swim diapers are requested for use with young children. 
  • Ingestion of untreated agricultural water such as Windsor Lake carries an inherent risk of possible exposure to pathogenic organisms. Individuals who have been ill are asked to refrain from entering the water.
  • Algae may be present.
  • For your safety, it is the Town of Windsor Parks, Recreation and Culture’s policy to not allow persons or pets on our frozen bodies of water. Although ice is tempting to walk on, temperatures rarely stay consistent enough to form stable ice. Falling through ice can cause great bodily harm or death.