HAPPiFEET is a customer satisfaction mobile app that allows visitors to share and rate their park experiences in real-time using GPS location. Currently, the first location to launch within the app is Boardwalk Park, 100 N. 5th St., Windsor’s most heavily used park. Visitors can give good feedback on very specific locations within the park. The plan is to extend user availability and have it in every public park and facility in Windsor.

Using the App

Once in the app, park users can share pictures and videos along with text detailing their park experience with the facility and customer service. For instance, if they are in the dog park, the trail, or even the playground they will be able to select their specific location within the park before they submit information about their experience.   

Once reported, HAPPiFEET will notify staff in real-time who can then respond to user comments and address feedback. Staff can follow up privately with users to let them know what action was taken.

Desktop Version

HAPPiFEET is available for use on desktop.

Downloading the App

HAPPiFEET is available for both iPhones and Androids. By searching “HAPPiFEET-Town of Windsor” in the app store, users can download the app.

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