Windsor Forestry manages trees in parks and public areas. They plant, prune and maintain the health of the urban forest. In addition, Windsor Forestry monitors for insects and diseases that could cause potential harm to the trees in town.


Windsor Forestry offers programs and activities for the community to participate in to help keep Windsor "tree-riffic."

Annual Tree Sale

Arbor Day Tree Sale (PDF), 2023 Tree Order Form (PDF), Landscape Permit (PDF). Documents can be brought to Windsor Community Recreation Center, 250 N 11th Street 80550.

Sick Tree Day

Sick Tree Day is an annual resident favorite. Residents sign up and volunteer experts stop by and help diagnose common tree problems. 

Treasure Island Demonstration Garden

There are several free events held at Treasure Island Demonstration Garden throughout the summer.  Participants meet at the garden at 31500 Laku Lake Road. Check out the Town of Windsor Parks, Recreation & Culture Activity Guide for details.

Programs include an annual Mother's Day and Father's Day tour, as well as a free monthly educational program held in partnership with the Colorado State University Master Gardener program. 

Horticulture Program

The Horticulture program serves under Windsor Forestry and is responsible for designing, installing and maintaining plant containers and landscape beds in various public areas around town by using summer and fall annuals, perennial shrubs, grasses, and flowers, and winter greenery. In addition, the Horticulture program provides support to Parks Maintenance staff by identifying and resolving plant health issues and by renovating and improving existing park beds. They also work with volunteers to maintain Treasure Island Demonstration Garden