The Forestry Division manages trees in parks and public areas. The division plants, prunes, and maintains the health of the urban forest. In addition, monitors for insects and diseases that could cause potential harm to the trees in town.

Assessing Tree Risk

Another priority is to mitigate and manage the potential risk of trees. Forestry will minimize the risks trees possess by identifying trees that need to be pruned and removed. Trees provide "tree-mendous" value to the community such as filtering air, reducing energy costs by providing shade and shelter from winds and mitigating the effects of runoff among other environmental benefits. The responsibility of this division is to evaluate all the trees in town to maximize their value and when risks outweigh benefits.

Forestry also serves as staff liaisons to the Windsor Tree Board.

Programs & Activities

Windsor Forestry offers programs and activities for the community to participate in to help keep Windsor "tree-riffic".

Horticulture Program

The Town of Windsor’s Horticulture program serves under the Forestry division and is responsible for designing, installing and maintaining plant containers and landscape beds in various public areas around town by using summer and fall annuals, perennial shrubs, grasses, and flowers, and winter greenery. In addition, the Horticulture program provides support to Parks Maintenance staff by identifying and resolving plant health issues and by renovating and improving existing park beds. They also work with volunteers to maintain Treasure Island Demonstration Garden. Treasure Island is southeast of Eastman Park and is a delightful and beautiful little gem.