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This exhibition is closed, but you can take a virtual tour any time!

(UN)SETTLED is a community art exhibition that brings together regional artists working in all mediums to express the darker side of being human. Explore contemporary artworks that express fears both real and imagined as well as the beauty and enlightenment that can comes from examining those fears. Artist compete for first, second, and third place, first place poetry winner, as well as the Community Choice Award, determined by the public. 

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Drawing of a bully laughing at a sad little girlThe Community Choice Award goes to Bella Gow, "Feeling Small." Congratulations!

And the winners are...

How I Know

By Lynda La Rocca


The tulips are too excitable, it is winter here.

                                   — Sylvia Plath


How can it still be winter

when I’m melting to

a soup of cells,

a flick of eyelash, bits of bone,

one soggy slice of fingernail,

the stink of scorching fat,

a metal pot is jumping, rattling on the stove.


Outside the window is

a bear,

I smell its matted fur, 

rust-stained and wet,

it glistens, grunts, and snorts,

black snout, 

its nostrils flaring.

Great claws are shredding, gouging shutters, 

ripping, tearing off the wood—

yet these shape-shifters do not rise 

when all the ground is spread 

with crusted snow—


and this is how I know

the earth has turned,

the soft, round, secret bulbs

are pulsing, pushing, petaling 

in bursts

of yellow, scarlet, pink, 

a gash of green and purple.


Look now—

the cups are opening like mouths.

Pastel drawing of a shirtless older man sitting in a chair

First Place "Pat" by Yuki Horikawa

Sculpture made of zippers sewn together to resemble a beehive

Second Place "Hive" by Elizabeth Morisette

Meet the Judges!Blank and white ink painting of a woman licking a window

Three judges will be selecting the winning artworks this year!

Mary-Ann Kokoska is an artist and professor in the Department of Art and Art History at Colorado State University.

Maureen Corey is the Curator of Art at the Loveland Museum and Gallery.

Brad Vogler holds a Masters of Fine Arts, is a published writer of two books and three chapbooks. He will be selecting our poetry winner.

Third Place "Window Licker" by Melissa Connally