Open Space & Trails Experiences

General Announcement: Open Space Ballot Measure

On Monday, August 22, Town Board referred a 0.25% open space sales tax increase to the November 2022 ballot which would take local sales tax from 3.95% to 4.20%. The tax revenue will provide a dedicated source of funding to purchase open space lands. To learn more, visit the Town of Windsor's Open Space Ballot Measure webpage. 

Open Space ExperiencesEastman Park River Experience

The following open space experiences explain the purposes and benefits of various types of open space, as well as their different values, management, and user experiences. Multiple experiences could be achieved Windsor's Open Spaces.

  1. Nature Experience
  2. Trail Experience
  3. Habitat Experience
  4. Habitat Preservation
  5. Agricultural Experience

Adventure-based recreation landscapes and enhanced facilities that demonstrate natural resources and environmentally sensitive values

Eastman Park River Experience Take Out Area

Examples: River Experience, disc golf at Eastman Park
Conservation Tools: Free simple, development dedication
Purpose: Nature-based play
Values: Recreation access, interpretation, ecological and ecosystem processes, wildlife habitat, water quality
Size: Variable, appropriate to accommodate use and conserve resource
Social: Nature-based recreation including groups
Public Access: High, people first
Primary Uses: Recreation, environmental education
Potential Facilities: Parking, trails and trailheads, nature play, restroom, environmental education/interpretive areas, picnic sites, visitor support facilities, wayfinding signage
Maintenance: Moderate, focus on recreation facilities
Restoration: Moderate